A blow for scrap dealers? The Government could impose a tax monopoly on Metalferos

The Government wants to impose a tax monopoly on Metalferos. If the authorities approve this measure, it will remain valid until 31 December 2025.

It will make Metalferos the only entity in the country that will be able to carry out ferrous scrap management activities in Moldova. More specifically, it concerns the marketing of ferrous scrap and waste to economic agents located on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, which do not have fiscal relations with its budgetary system, or the import of scrap metal and subsequent marketing to them.

According to the Government, this will reduce the competitive imbalance in the ferrous scrap market in the Republic of Moldova, ensure compliance with environmental requirements in the scrap management process, and generate revenue for the state budget.

The Government is preparing the decision and will approve it. After the set period expires, they may extend the “tax monopoly” status if necessary. The Ministry of Economy will be responsible for controlling the implementation of the decision.


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