Realitatea is a press group of electronic media, consisting of RLIVE TV, Romanian-language news platforms - and, Russian-language platform -, English-language platform - and live streaming platform - is an informative portal which presents news about the Republic of Moldova in English. It aims to inform the foreign audience in our country, but also to foreigners abroad, about the current and most important social, economic, cultural, political and other news which occur in the Republic of Moldova. is the expression of our team effort to make the Republic of Moldova better known in the world.

RLIVE TV was launched in November 2020 and is distributed in most cable and IPTV networks, including the largest – Moldtelecom, StarNet, Orange, ARAX, as well as regional ones. The coverage in the country is over 80% of the total TV audience. RLIVE TV is also present online, in a convenient widget placed on the main news pages of the sites,,,,,,,,,,,, and from Romania. Online, RLIVE TV accumulates over 6,000,000 views per month.

RLIVE TV is a new concept of modern and unique television, based on graphics and visuals, a transposition of the online on TV, aimed at people who watch TV during the day, at the office or at home. The RLIVE TV grid includes over 12-14 live broadcasts from various events of public interest – social, economic, cultural and political in the country, as well as 20 own show programs and made in partnership with various local production companies. is a general information portal, in Russian, with news from various fields, which presents to the audience in the Republic of Moldova and in the diaspora the current, most important news. We adopt an inclusive approach of media institutions, in order to give access to accurate and equidistant information to Russian speakers. is a general information portal, with news from various fields, which presents to the audience in the Republic of Moldova and in the diaspora the most actual and important news. accumulates on average over 1,350,000 unique visitors per month and over 4,000,000 visits per month. is also on social media, with over 160,000 subscribers on all platforms. is the exclusive economic and business news portal, which offers qualitative news, author articles, analyzes, video interviews and editorials about the evolutions and innovations of the business on the national and foreign economy. has become a source of information for the public interested in the economic-financial field, but especially for the leaders, managers and employees of private companies and state institutions. On average, accumulates over 450,000 unique visitors per month and over 1,000,000 monthly visits. is the online platform for LIVE broadcasts from social, economic, cultural and political events, of public interest in the Republic of Moldova or abroad. offers citizens the opportunity to know the realities from the first source, in original form, without comments or censorship. Live broadcasts on are also broadcasted simultaneously on,, and

The Realitatea press group was launched in 2014 on the initiative of seven journalists. Realitatea Press Group has 32 employees, of which 25 are journalists. The business management of the Realitatea Group is represented by Otilia Cotruța, executive director and Cristina Moșneaga, Administrator, and the content management is managed by Petru Cosoi, editor-in-chief and Sergiu Scobioală, general producer.

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