A premiere for Moldova! The first lot of hazelnuts was exported to Italy

This is a truckload of 23 tons of peanuts, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAIF), which was made possible by 15 Moldovan farmers.

In the same message, MAIA announces that the varieties are Adygeiskii, Ata-baba, and Cercheskii.

An agricultural association set up to help producers also posted a message on Facebook to this effect.

“Our mission has been to support Moldovan hazelnut producers, giving them the means and know-how to market their products on international markets. That is why we joined forces and resources of 15 hazelnut producers, overcame processing obstacles by offering cleaning, drying, and packaging services, and found a reliable partner on the international market, thus facilitating the export of Moldovan hazelnuts, varieties: Adîgeiskii-1, Ata-baba, Cercheskii-2. We are proud of this achievement and our contribution to the development of the local economy,” the agricultural association announced on social media.


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