Alarm signal! Exports to Romania down 15%

Exports of goods from the Republic of Moldova to Romania decreased significantly, falling by 15% in January-April 2024 compared to the same period of the previous year, data from the National Bureau of Statistics show.

According to the data, total exports of goods in this period amounted to 1.2 billion US dollars, marking a 12.6% decrease compared to 2023. Exports of domestic goods amounted to 935.6 million US dollars, accounting for 77% of total exports and recording a reduction of 0.8%. This decrease contributed to a 0.5% decrease in the total value of exports.

Foreign goods re-exports, both processed and conventional, totaled US$ 278.9 million, down 37.5% compared to last year. Re-exports of goods after processing, including clothing, footwear, and motor vehicle parts, accounted for 14% of total exports, while conventional re-exports, which did not undergo essential processing, represented 9%.


In addition to the fall in exports to Romania, other markets recorded significant reductions, including Ukraine (-55.8%), the Russian Federation (-27.4%), Spain (-51.2%), Lebanon (-79.6%), Cyprus (-59.7%), Kazakhstan (-57.2%), Italy (-9.3%), Hungary (-33.7%), the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (-30.3%), France (-23.9%) and the United Arab Emirates (-58.3%). These decreases had a total impact of 21.5% on overall exports.

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