Andrei Spinu about Shor’s new party: The organized crime bloc “Victory” was created in Moscow

During the congress of Moldova’s “opposition parties” linked to the fugitive oligarch Ilan Shor, it became known about the formation of the “Victory” electoral bloc. Infrastructure Minister Andrei Spinu commented on the event, which was in Moscow, and called the new formation an “organized criminal bloc.”

“The whole country saw the traitors of the Motherland in Moscow. We can clearly say that the organized crime bloc “Victory” was created in Moscow. It was created in Moscow, near the Kremlin, so it is clear who they work for and serve. However, not all of them are present at the crime scene. Some are still hiding in Chisinau behind all sorts of parties. In the next few years, we need to eliminate them,” the infrastructure minister wrote on Facebook.

The electoral bloc created by the fugitive oligarch includes the parties “Shor,” “Renaissance,” “Chance,” “Alternative and Forces for the Salvation of Moldova,” and “Victoria.”


The bloc is led by Ilan Shor, MP Marina Tauber, and Bashkan of Gagauzia Eugenia Gutsul.

“We propose a new path for Moldova. The idea of the EU is a phantom. It is disastrous for the citizens and the country. Sandu has nothing to offer to the people she has already robbed to the ground. Even the polls conducted by the current Moldovan authorities show that the popularity of the idea of joining the EU in Moldova is falling. In 2021, 72% supported integration into the EU, in 2022, the figures have fallen to 57%, and now it is just above 50%. People are disappointed with the EU. (…) The political bloc’s “Victory” goal will be to win the presidential elections,” Ilan Shor stated.

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