At the Wine Travel Awards Moldova was nominated in three categories: vote too!

Wine Travel Awards is a specialized website for the promotion of wines, traditional cuisine, and tourist attractions, which selects the winners each year and encourages people to vote. Castel Mimi was nominated in three categories – “A must-visit book,” “The most beautiful event of the year – VinOpera International Festival,” and “Progressive Approach,” thanks to the introduction and promotion of sustainability elements in the winery’s operations.

The competition runs from March 1 to March 31, and each person can vote once in all three categories. A jury of 12 international experts will then select the winners, who will be included in the WTA guidebook with recommendations for people from worldwide to visit the attraction.

You can also vote by clicking on each of these links:

To nominate Castel Mimi as a Must Visit attraction:

To nominate the VinOpera International Classical Music Festival VinOpera Event of the Year:


To vote for Castel Mimi in the Progressive Approach category:

In the Wine Travel Awards, Castel Mimi presents itself not only as a producer of high-quality wines and host of the most beautiful tourist attractions in our country but also as a supporter of sustainable business development by protecting the environment. One of the elements that make the castle stand out is the photovoltaic park, which currently provides 40% of the energy for the castle, and in the next five years, the team plans to make it completely energy-independent.

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