Authorities have outlined five reasons for holding the referendum on European integration:” It is a historic opportunity awaited for 30 years”

Authorities have outlined five reasons for holding the referendum on European integration on 20 October necessity, which they deem “a historic opportunity awaited for 30 years.”

The authorities presented the arguments supporting the referendum on the “For” telegram channel they initiated.

According to the source cited, there is currently unprecedented support from EU countries for Moldova’s accession, contrasting with past reservations about EU expansion. Furthermore, Moldovan citizens continue to express a strong desire to join the EU.


  1. We have a historic opportunity that we have awaited for 30 years – EU countries now more than ever desire Moldova’s EU membership, contrary to previous stances against expansion. Our citizens remain committed to EU integration.
  2. Now is the moment to translate this support into tangible progress. We must act wisely and seize this historic moment, as opportunities like this may not come again. Let’s prioritize internal affairs and safeguard our nation.
  3. Moldovans aspire for EU membership, and this aspiration should be affirmed and enshrined in the Constitution, ensuring that regardless of the government in power, the people’s mandate for this developmental path binds the political class.
  4. Despite opposition voices falsely claiming that Moldovans do not support EU accession, we must demonstrate the democratic will of the people. We cannot allow those who spread misinformation about the EU to jeopardize the country and work against Moldova to undermine our future and present.
  5. The referendum is not merely about the future; it is about the present. We cannot afford to wait for a better future; we must build a secure and prosperous present.

On 20 October, Moldova will conduct presidential elections alongside a referendum on its accession to the European Union.

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