Bolea at GreenWeek2024: It is planned to sign new memorandums of understanding that will bring us closer to the European Union

A Moldovan delegation, led by Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Bolea and the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAIA), actively participated in the GreenWeek-2024 event held in Berlin, Germany, from January 18-21. During this significant international gathering, Moldovan officials successfully laid the groundwork for fostering sustainable relations in the field.

Over the course of two days, the delegation engaged in productive meetings with counterparts, including Ministers of Agriculture from Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, and Bulgaria, among others. The discussions centered around forging a common European future and strategizing priorities within the agricultural sector to align with EU standards. Deputy Prime Minister Bolea emphasized the intention to translate these talks into concrete actions. The delegation aims to sign a new Memorandum of Understanding and expand existing agreements, incorporating new clauses and objectives to bring Moldova closer to European Union standards.

“We are discussing the common European future and what we need to prioritize on the ministry line to bring the agricultural policy in line with EU standards. Discussions will be turned into actions. In this regard, a new Memorandum of Understanding is to be signed, and the existing ones are to be extended by including new clauses and objectives, which will bring us closer to the European Union,” Vladimir Bolea said.

Notably, GreenWeek, an enduring European event with a history spanning over 100 years, witnessed Moldova’s inaugural presence in 2024. The Moldovan exhibition platform, spanning 100 square meters, featured nine local producers showcasing their products. This marked a significant milestone, providing an invaluable opportunity for Moldovan producers to showcase their offerings on the European stage and establish connections that contribute to the nation’s integration into the European market.

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