Castel Mimi launched a QR Tour dedicated to the EPC Summit held one year ago

Castel Mimi has launched the first virtual tour dedicated to the historic Summit held on 1 June 2023 in Bulboaca. Now, every visitor can find out details and see unpublished images from the day of the event directly on their phone.

All the winery’s guests have to do is scan a QR code on the ten holders installed in the main areas of the Summit. Once scanned, the app gives you behind-the-scenes information about what happened on 1 June. The virtual tour shows all the world leaders’ meetings during the European Political Community Summit. These are described in visual and audio detail in English and Romanian, in accessible language, with subtitles for the hearing impaired.

On 1 June 2023, the Republic of Moldova hosted the second EPC Summit at Castel Mimi, attended by 49 state and government leaders and covered by media worldwide.


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