Ciuca: “Romania will provide all necessary support for Moldova’s accession to the European Union”

Romanian Senate President Nicolae-Ionel Ciuca has expressed his commitment to maintaining in-depth and consistent dialogue with the Republic of Moldova to support its European integration process. He conveyed this during a meeting in Bucharest with a delegation from the Moldovan Parliament, which attended the session commemorating the 160th anniversary of the Romanian Senate.

The Moldovan delegation included MPs Ina Cosheru, head of the Committee on Foreign Policy and European Integration, Alina Dandara, Mihail Drutsa, Vitalie Jacot, and Mariana Lucreteanu.

A press release from the Romanian Senate highlighted Ciuca’s appreciation for the excellent cooperation between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, especially at the parliamentary level. “Romania continues its in-depth dialogue with the Republic of Moldova to provide all necessary support for Chisinau’s accession to the European Union,” Ciuca stated.

He also expressed full confidence in the efforts of President Maia Sandu, the Moldovan Government, and Parliament to achieve reforms and establish Moldova as a reliable partner at both European and international levels. Ciuca praised Chisinau authorities for their professional handling of recent destabilization challenges, emphasizing that Moldova’s security is a big priority for Romania and is closely linked to Ukraine’s security.

“It is imperative to combat misinformation and manipulation leading up to the 20 October presidential elections and the referendum on European integration across the Prut,” Ciuca added.

Romania will continue supporting Moldova’s resilience by providing comprehensive assistance, expertise transfer, and training in cyber security, emergency management, and the prevention and fight against arms trafficking and corruption.

On 17 June, the Romanian Senate marked its 160th anniversary with a solemn session, where current and former presidents underscored the Senate’s importance and role in the Romanian state and democracy development.

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