Consequences of bad weather in Moldova: 57 settlements were left without light, 760 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are involved in the work

Due to bad weather on the night of January 7-8, 57 settlements of the republic were left without electricity. Partial blackouts were recorded in 7 districts. The General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (GES) reported about it.

In connection with the emergence of adverse weather conditions, the Emergency Management Center started functioning on January 7. The institution employs representatives of ministries and agencies whose competence includes decision-making on risk prevention and prompt response in case of risk situations related to bad weather.


The heads of the Center monitor the situation on the roads and in the country’s settlements, control the power supply process, and liaise with local emergency commissions.

Throughout the country, 760 professionals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs units have been involved in the work to eliminate the consequences of bad weather and monitor the situation.

To ensure order and fight against ice last night involved employees of the Road Service. To work involved 170 employees and 212 units of specialized equipment. They used 2310 tons of anti-icing material. The most intensive work is carried out in the northern regions of the republic. At the moment, there are no blocked roads in the country.

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