Dan Perciun: Microsoft and Google come to Moldova’s “Education Week”

Microsoft and Google come to the “Education Week” in Moldova. Minister of Education Dan Perciun announced it at a press conference.

The official said the tech giants will discuss artificial intelligence at the event. At the same time, companies from Hungary and Poland are to communicate how digital textbooks can be implemented.

As for domestic companies, 11 of the largest ones have decided to donate between 1 and 2 million lei for the creation of model schools in Moldova, the education minister said,

“We felt that we needed more time to discuss issues of major interest. We thought it appropriate to dedicate a week to education-related topics,” Dan Perciun said.


There will also be discussions on parenting with parents and several talks with the country’s Student Council members. At the same time, the authorities have also planned an activity aimed at promoting the teaching profession.

Earlier, Dan Perciun announced that “Moldova for Education” is a campaign launched jointly with the Presidency of the Republic of Moldova.

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