Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration in Bucharest: Romania is our main supporter in the EU accession process

Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Cristina Gherasimov is paying a working visit to Bucharest today at the invitation of Romanian Foreign Minister Luminita Odobescu, the government’s public relations department said.

The officials discussed the next steps on Moldova’s European path and the results of Deputy Prime Minister Cristina Gherasimov’s recent visit to Brussels, during which the first stage of assessing Moldova’s legislation for its compliance with the European one was launched.

At the same time, the officials analyzed how Moldova could take over and put into practice concrete examples from Romania’s experience in the accession process. In this context, the officials agreed to boost cooperation between the European Integration Bureau, the Romanian Foreign Ministry, and other relevant institutions in this process.


Also, Cristina Gerasimov expressed gratitude for the unconditional support that Moldova has received and continues to receive from Romania.

“Without a doubt, Romania is our main supporter in the EU accession process. And we are happy to have a reliable friend and partner beside us. Our relations are stronger than ever. We will continue to deepen these relations in the spirit of our strategic partnership and the commonality of language, culture, and history,” the deputy prime minister said.

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