Deputy Prime Minister Gherasimov: The process of assessing the compliance of national legislation with European legislation will begin with an analysis of the sphere of justice and fundamental rights

The process of evaluating national legislation to align with the European Union’s standards began with a focus on the justice and fundamental rights sector, announced Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Cristina Gherasimov, during a press conference unveiling the outcomes of her recent visit to Brussels.

Gherasimov highlighted that discussions with European Commission officials marked the commencement of this pivotal evaluation phase, which will be conducted collaboratively with the government team throughout the negotiation process. Agreements on the timetable and procedural intricacies were reached, recognizing the meticulous nature of this stage, organized into chapters.

“We are slated to return to Brussels on February 21-22 for an initial review of EU legislation about justice and fundamental rights. These negotiations are pivotal as they initiate and conclude our accession process. Progress toward EU integration hinges upon the integrity of our justice system and the establishment of the rule of law. A European Moldova necessitates a robust justice framework. Concurrently, efforts are underway to implement the latest recommendations from the European Commission. Based on our progress, we anticipate updates on the subsequent phase, including the inauguration of the first inter-governmental meeting. This meeting will delineate the framework for negotiations, encompassing action plans, procedures, and negotiation principles,” stated Cristina Gherasimov.


The official also outlined plans for restructuring internal coordination processes in European integration efforts.

“The European Integration Office will be our primary coordination hub for domestic endeavors. Recruitment drives for key positions within the institution are underway. Additionally, close collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is imperative as we steer the Republic of Moldova towards EU membership,” Gherasimov affirmed.

Gherasimov embarked on her inaugural international visit to Brussels on February 7 following her appointment as deputy prime minister for European integration.

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