Discover a MiniZoo in Moldovan Village

At 13 km from Chisinau, on the left side of the highway, we find a place that brings happiness to every child and adult who wants to escape the city’s noise. Once we cross the threshold, we see a Moldovan farm that combines exotic and domestic animals. Walking on that territory, you throw yourself on childhood days when you spent your summer vacation at your grandparent’s house.

At Minizoo Bardar, at the entrance, you purchase the package with the allowed food for animals, sliced carrots and apples. Walking around the cages with animals and birds, you can feed them, and without any effort, they come to ask for themselves. There, we find different species of chickens, quails, and ducks.

We find goats and sheep, which, with the greatest pleasure, will take your piece of carrot or stretched apple. You can see how the piglet walks freely on the territory. Horses of different colors and sizes, poney, with which you can do and ride a ride on them. The donkey Shrek and the Alpaca Gosha, also neighbors of cages, came to you to serve them with something. You find there peacocks of several species and swans that walk on the lake in the area.

 Finally, you can go to their store. There, you can buy eggs and fresh quail meat, goat milk, or cheese. Or get a coffee and sit on the patio and enjoy how children play in nature and meet animals in a healthy environment. It is a modest place, but the time there charges you positively. Children, especially those who do not have goodies in the village, spend a few healthy hours in nature with cute animals. 

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