Discover Moldova: top-5 must visit places in Cahul

Cahul, a charming city in the southern part of Moldova, boasts a rich history and picturesque landscapes. Here are the top 5 must-visit places in Cahul.

Cahul History Museum

Immerse yourself in Cahul’s past by visiting the Cahul History Museum. The museum showcases artifacts and exhibits that highlight the region’s history, from ancient times to the present, providing insight into local culture and traditions.

Eco-Village Valeni

Established in early 2014 in the newly created UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Lunca Prutului, Eco-VillageVăleni is a local social business focused on developing rural, cultural, wine, and ecotourism in the area.

Starting from the idea of a traditional museum, the tourist complex has subsequently developed ecological accommodation and leisure capacities (agro-pension & museum cottages; kayaking, boats & bikes; swimming pool, jacuzzi & spa center), a rustic restaurant (Restaurant Dor) and a small family winery (Corbu Winery) to offer well-rounded tourist packages to be able to delight, the guests who cross our threshold, with all the best the South of Moldova has to offer.


Museum of Bread

In the quaint village of Valeni in the Cahul district, Moldova boasts its most delectable museum. Here, you won’t find signs cautioning against touching the exhibits; instead, visitors are encouraged not only to touch but also to savor the displays. From generously sized bagels to delicate dough rolls and intricately crafted doves made entirely of dough, the museum showcases a delightful array of edible masterpieces, offering just a glimpse into its diverse collection of approximately 20 types of bread products.

The visionary behind this unique museum is Vera Kaminskaya, a skilled baker who transformed her passion for baking into a captivating culinary exhibit. The inspiration to create a museum dedicated to bread crystallized for Vera after her exceptional bread creation received accolades at an international competition. Her bakery expertise, combined with a commitment to celebrating the artistry and diversity of bread-making, led to the establishment of this one-of-a-kind institution in Valeni. Visitors are invited to not only witness the craftsmanship but also to appreciate the rich history and cultural significance embedded in each delicious creation.

“Prutul de Jos” Nature Reserve

45 km south of Cahul is the famous scientific reserve “Prutul de jos,” created in 1991. The Prut floodplain and numerous floodplain lakes, including the biggest natural lakes of the country – Rotunda, Manta, Fontan, Drachele, Beleu – are considered to be the peculiarity of these places. The relic lake Beleu is the largest body of water in the country and is part of the Prutul de jos Nature Reserve. Besides the lake, which occupies almost 2/3 of the area of the reserve, there are marshes, lush forests, meadows, and a picturesque stretch of steep floodplain terraces. Here you can walk in almost deserted, extremely beautiful places.

Dunai Port

The village of Giurgiulesti is the southernmost point of Moldova, near where the Prut flows into the Dunai and where the only Dunai port of Moldova is located. As you approach the southernmost settlement of the country, you come to a fork of two roads. One leads to the customs office at the bridge over the Prut, which leads to Romania, and the second one leads to the village itself and the Dunai terminal located on its territory. From the upper part of the town you can see the picturesque panorama of the Dunai, but you can’t drive close to the river bank – the border zone starts there.

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