Education Minister: Moldova may have a “super-university.” What is he talking about?

The rectors of both institutions have raised the possibility of a merger between the State University of Moldova (USM) and the Technical University (UTM) in response to declining student enrollment. This initiative has garnered support from Education Minister Dan Perciun.

According to Igor Sharov, the rector of the State University, the rationale behind UTM’s interest in merging is evident from the significant decrease in student numbers. He emphasized the potential benefits for staff and students, particularly in terms of substantial financial savings, measured in millions of euros.

Viorel Bostan, the rector of UTM, underscored that the merger aims to unite two friendly universities rather than absorb one into the other. He highlighted the creation of a comprehensive university that would be more resilient to market fluctuations and various challenges, drawing parallels with successful models in neighboring countries like Romania.


Minister Perciun echoed his support for the merger, highlighting its potential to enhance the international competitiveness of Moldovan universities. He emphasized the diversity of faculties between the two institutions, suggesting that a merger would result in a comprehensive university offering a wide range of specialties.

While acknowledging the possibility of incorporating other universities into the merger in the future, Minister Perciun emphasized that it is premature to speculate on specifics without a clear conceptual framework in place.

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