Energy Minister Victor Parlicov at the Brussels meeting: The resilience of critical energy infrastructure is on the agenda

Energy Minister Victor Parlicov is attending the informal meeting of EU energy ministers in Brussels on 15-16 April. A special focus at the event is dedicated to the resilience of the European Union’s critical energy infrastructure.

The event brought together ministers from the 27 European Union member states, representatives of ministries from EU partner states, and international political and academic figures, who joined the discussions. During the informal meeting, ministers were invited to discuss one of the priorities of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU – the promotion of sustainable energy infrastructure – and the challenges currently facing the European area.

In his speech, Victor Parlicov stressed the importance of strengthening energy resilience in the face of the current threats in the region. In this regard, Victor Parlicov reiterated the need to identify new investments, which would increase the potential for transporting gas through the vertical corridor, which has already helped the Republic of Moldova diversify its gas supply sources and reduce dependence on the Russian Gazprom.


The official also stressed the importance of connecting Moldova to the EU energy system and the European energy market. In this context, the minister reiterated that synchronization of the national energy system with the European energy network ENTSO-E will allow alignment with the European electricity infrastructure and will also help Moldova access a competitive market.

“A joint effort is needed to achieve long-term climate goals. The Republic of Moldova is aligning with these targets to become climate neutral by 2050, with a net zero greenhouse gas emission economy,” Parlicov summarised.

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