EU Council: Shor, Tauber, Cavcaliuc, and Plahotniuc remain sanctioned for at least until 2025

The EU Council has ordered the extension of restrictive measures against persons accused of destabilizing Moldova. The measure remains in force until at least April 2025.

The sanctions apply to 11 natural persons and one legal person. Their assets in the EU will be frozen. They are prohibited from accessing resources and are subject to travel and transit bans through EU member states.

According to the European Register of Sanctions, for actions destabilizing Moldova, the EU sanctioned Ilan Shor, Vlad Plahotniuc, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, former MP Maria Albot, MP Marina Tauber, Russian politician Igor Chaika, Arina Corshicova and Dumitru Chitoroaga, associated with Ilan Sor’s media trusts, the leader of the “People’s Shield” association Chiril Guzun, Comrat politician Victor Petrov and FSB officer Dmitri Miliutin, responsible for Transnistria and destabilization in Moldova.


The sanctioned legal entity is the People’s Shield organization. Europeans accused the NGO of organizing violent demonstrations in Moldova.

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