“Europe unites us – all residents of Moldova”: Maia Sandu congratulated the citizens on Europe Day

“One day we will celebrate Europe Day as full members of this big family”, President Maia Sandu said in her message on the occasion of Europe Day. At the same time, the head of state called for unity and solidarity, stressing that Moldova’s membership “will strengthen and enrich the European Union”.

“Today we celebrate the peace and unity of the European family. A family, of which Moldova will also be a part. This is the first year that we are celebrating Europe Day as a candidate country for the European Union, and I am convinced that one day we will celebrate Europe Day as full members of this extended family. European states support us. In this, the European states are with us. The European Union helps us modernize schools and hospitals, build roads and bridges, help the most vulnerable, and save lives.

Europe has come together to prevent wars and ensure the right to life and happiness of all European citizens. Now Europe unites us – all the inhabitants of Moldova – to deserve a worthy place among European countries. Moldova will strengthen and enrich the European Union. Many years, Europe! Many years, European Moldova!”, Maia Sandu said.

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