First appointments in a new position: Cristina Gherasimov met with the European Union Ambassadors to Moldova and Romania

Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Cristina Gherasimov, recently held a meeting with Ambassador Jānis Mažeiks of the European Union to Moldova, where Moldova’s steadfast commitment to commencing negotiations with the European Commission was reiterated, as reported by the government’s communication.

The discussions primarily revolved around initiating an assessment of the alignment of national legislation with European standards, alongside the imperative of establishing a cohesive action plan for the upcoming year.

Additionally, deliberations touched upon the formulation and endorsement of negotiation frameworks, emphasizing the paramount importance of transparency, coherence, and predictability throughout this process. Deputy PM Cristina Gherasimov emphasized, “We will continue to closely collaborate to ensure Moldova’s successful European integration.”

Moreover, Deputy Prime Minister Cristina Gherasimov engaged in a meeting with Romanian Ambassador Cristian-Leon Turcanu. The focus was on enhancing Moldovan-Romanian cooperation, particularly in bolstering the strategic partnership within Moldova’s European integration journey, according to the government’s communication department.


Expressing appreciation for Romania’s unwavering support across key sectors crucial for Moldova’s development aligned with European norms, the Moldovan official also acknowledged the consistent endorsement of Moldova’s European integration path by the authorities in Bucharest.

In this context, both sides underscored the necessity of close coordination between the Bureau for European Integration and relevant Romanian institutions, which can provide Moldova with necessary support and expertise during accession negotiations.

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