First time for our country! Moldovan producers will export fresh poultry meat to the EU

The National Agency for Food Safety (NAFS) comes with good news. Poultry meat producers (chilled and frozen) in Moldova will be able to export their products to the largest market in the world, the European Union. 

“Over the last two years, the National Food Safety Agency has successfully promoted several audit missions by the European Commission. The evaluation commission assessed various aspects, including the national veterinary control system at both central and territorial levels, the professionalism of official inspectors, the country’s capacity to manage avian influenza outbreaks, the testing capabilities of the laboratory system, and the extent to which economic agents intending to export to the EU market have implemented EU requirements and standards. All this, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, which has ensured the harmonization of the national legal framework with EU legislation,” NAFS communicates.

According to the quoted source, the European Single Market is a unique opportunity for Moldovan producers, as it prompts them to align with the EU’s rigorous standards and work harder to increase the competitiveness of their production. As a result, “all consumers in our country, as well as European consumers, will taste a safe and qualitative Moldovan product.”


“NAFS has been working intensively to support the country’s efforts in broadening the range of animal products exported to the European Union. In March 2023, thanks to these efforts, the Republic of Moldova was listed, for the first time, in the EU regulations, obtaining the right to export processed poultry meat and eggs for consumption (category A). The National Food Safety Agency expresses its gratitude to all the collaborators of the institution for their dedication throughout this difficult and demanding journey, as well as to the partner central public authorities, the Mission of the Republic of Moldova in Brussels, and the Delegation of the European Union in Chisinau. We continue to encourage economic operators to show interest and apply for the export of Moldovan products to the European Union,” the institution adds.

In addition, the National Agency for Food Safety will provide all the necessary support to help producers comply with EU rules to make it easier for animal products to enter the European market.

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