France: Europe is discussing further help to Moldova amid Russian destabilisation

European states are actively engaging in discussions to bolster military assistance to Moldova amidst escalating destabilization efforts by Russia, announced Christophe Lemoine, France’s deputy foreign ministry spokesperson, on Thursday. Lemoine emphasized the urgency of addressing this issue during an upcoming meeting of select European foreign and defence ministers in Paris. This gathering, slated to convene around March 7, follows a recent conference on Ukraine and aims to prioritize reinforcing support for Moldova and Ukraine.

The agenda for the forthcoming meeting is multifaceted, focusing on concrete measures such as enhancing cyber defence capabilities, bolstering weapons production, safeguarding nations facing Russian threats—particularly Moldova—and securing Ukraine’s border with Belarus. Additionally, discussions will encompass demining operations.

Lemoine underscored the severity of the situation in Moldova, highlighting the region’s susceptibility to increasingly aggressive destabilization attempts. He further noted the heightened attention paid to the situation in Transdniestria, emphasizing its significance in the broader context of regional stability.


Meanwhile, Moldova’s breakaway Transnistria region recently sought economic assistance from Russia to counter perceived pressure from the pro-European Chisinau government. However, this appeal was met with scepticism by officials, who dismissed the gathering as a propaganda-driven event.

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