Gambling market potential in Moldova – $1 billion

The auditors of the Court of Accounts claim that Moldova is using only 40% of the potential financial turnover of gambling registered in 2021.

“Estimates made on the financial turnover of gambling show that Moldova uses about 40% of the potential of this turnover, which suggests that the remaining resources may be concentrated on unauthorized gambling,” the experts state.

According to the auditors, this fact affects the financial situation of the National Lottery of Moldova and causes the non-payment of possible taxes and fees to the state budget.

On the other hand, the audit revealed the fact that for almost five years of implementation of public-private partnership (PPP) in the sector of lotteries and betting on sports competitions, as well as in the sector of slot machines with cash winnings, the National Lottery of Moldova paid to the state budget more than 550 million lei, while in previous years (2012-2017) it was 100 times less.


According to the Court of Accounts, in the three quarters of 2023 alone, the National Lottery paid about 230 million lei to the state budget, while in 2021, it paid almost four times less – about 65.5 million lei.

The monitoring of the financial and economic activity of state-owned enterprises and commercial companies with complete or controlling state capital shows that the National Lottery of Moldova is the most profitable organization in 2022, registering a net profit of 170.3 million lei, paying dividends to the state budget for 85.1 million lei.

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