IBRD is lending to Moldova €36.2 million for the Improvement of Rehabilitation Services

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) is lending to Moldova €36.2 million for hospitals. The Ministry of Health will set up rehabilitation services for children and adults from this funding.

The “Modernisation and Improvement of Rehabilitation Services” initiative will strengthen the capacity to respond to medical emergencies with increased risk to patients’ lives and health, including strokes and heart attacks. Therefore, departments in public health institutions will be modernized and equipped with the necessary medical devices.

Plans are underway to finance:

  • Programs for the prevention and management of non-communicable diseases for the population of the Republic of Moldova and refugees;
  • screening and treatment;
  • training of health workers;
  • expansion of existing telemedicine programs;
  • digital health and healthcare solutions.


The Chisinau authorities will repay the money between 2029 and 2053. The project on the creation of rehabilitation services is to be completed by the Ministry of Health by 2029, according to the draft approved by the Government.

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