Igor Grosu about Kirkorov’s entry permit: This guy justifies aggression and war

Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu has spoken out about the authorization issued by the court of the Ryskanivka sector, allowing Filipp Kirkorov to enter the country. He made these statements during a broadcast on RadioMoldova.

“I think that this is a provocation. This judge. He judges based on context and doesn’t see what’s around us. He doesn’t see this guy giving concerts in Donbas, justifying aggression, war, and evil? He (Filipp Kirkorov) will just come here and continue to say how majestic and orthodox the “Russian world” is. No, we will not allow that. I think he will not come,” – said the speaker.

Recall that Russian singer Filipp Kirkorov will be able to enter Moldova again. The singer won the case in court, having challenged the law banning him from entering the country. The decision was handed down on May 30 by the capital’s court in the Riscanovca sector.


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