In Chisinau, the “Pact for Europe” was signed with the participation of 13 political parties

The National History Museum hosted the signing of the “Pact for Europe” by representatives of 13 Moldovan political parties. The signing ceremony gathered not only political leaders but also high-ranking guests. Romanian Ambassador to Moldova Cristian-Leon Turcanu and Ukrainian Ambassador Marco Shevchenko attended the event and expressed their initiative support.

Representatives of 13 political formations put their signatures under the document:

  • PAS;
  • Green Ecological Party;
  • Development and Unification Party of Moldova;
  • Liberal Democratic Party;
  • Social Democratic European Party (PSDE);
  • National Liberal Party;
  • Power of the People Party;
  • Movement for a National Alternative (MAN);
  • “DA Platform”;
  • “Party of Change”;
  • League of Cities and Communes (LOC);
  • Coalition for Unity and Welfare (CUB);
  • The Will of the People Party.
  • Alliance for the Unification of Romanians (AUR Moldova)


The pact signatories make a “political commitment to promote Moldova’s integration into the European Union.” They also pledge to “promote the rule of law, social cohesion and national solidarity in support of the strategic goal of European integration, putting the interests of society above personal, group and party interests.” The parties also pledged to condemn wars of aggression and occupation of the territories of sovereign and independent states.

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