Issued by Chambers of Commerce from 78 states: ATA carnet will be recognized in the Republic of Moldova as a transit document

ATA Carnets issued by Chambers of Commerce from 78 states will now be officially recognized as valid transit documents in the Republic of Moldova. Effective from 2024, individuals possessing ATA Carnets while transiting through Moldovan territory will no longer be required to complete transit customs declarations.

In line with the updated customs legislation implemented in 2024, the customs authority acknowledges ATA Carnets as authorized transit documents for foreign goods passing through the Republic of Moldova (external transit), as declared by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Republic of Moldova.

The ATA carnet, serving as an international customs document, functions as a substitute for the traditional customs declaration and guarantee. Its usage not only diminishes customs clearance costs and processing time but also streamlines all necessary formalities at border customs posts.


Throughout the year 2023, the CCI issued a total of 160 ATA Carnets for the temporary export of goods valued at over 32 million lei (1.6 million euros). This represents a notable increase of approximately 30% compared to the figures recorded in 2022.

In the global context of ATA Carnet issuance, Moldova holds the 52nd position among the 78 countries implementing the ATA system. The leading three countries in terms of Carnets issued are Great Britain, Switzerland, and Germany. Internationally, an estimated 170 thousand Carnets are issued annually, covering goods valued at around 25 billion US dollars.

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