Justice Minister about Shor’s new parties: They cannot be automatically declared unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court has declared unconstitutional, from a procedural point of view, the ban on participation in local elections applied to members of the former Shor party. It was announced by Justice Minister – Veronica Mihailov-Moraru on the program “Cabinetul din Umbră” on Jurnal TV. The official said that after the decision is made the relevant ministry or parliament will amend the legislation.

According to the Justice Minister, the CC referred to the fact that the strict requirements related to the organization of public consultations and the submission of amendments were not met. She noted that it was the first time such a case was considered in Moldova, so the court process was delayed.

“This was the first case of its kind. It was a thoroughly investigated case. There has never been such a situation and procedure in Moldova. The decision of the Constitutional Court instructed the Ministry of Justice to set up a liquidation commission, and it took time. (…) I want to mention that when filing an appeal, the Constitutional Court also appealed to the opinion of the Venice Commission on this decision,” Mihailov-Moraru said.


Answering the question about the parties later created by Shor, the head of the Justice Ministry said that the newly formed parties cannot be automatically declared unconstitutional.

“The representatives of the Shor party have indeed repurposed themselves, but it is impossible to automatically declare them unconstitutional. There are certain procedures,” the minister concluded.

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