Lilu and Andrei Porubin encourage Moldovans to direct 2% of income tax to NGOs

TV presenters Lilu Ojovan and Andrei Porubin are the heroes of an informative video urging Moldovans to direct 2% of their income tax to one of the more than 1100 NGOs in Moldova included in the list of beneficiaries of the 2% mechanism. The video has been posted on the CONTACT Centre’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

“In 7 years we have grown to almost 40 thousand citizens who support NGOs by directing 2% of our income tax. The number of people who get involved is growing every year. I am proud to be among them”, actor and TV presenter Andrei Porubin said.

“Last year, we all contributed 12.5 million lei. With this money, non-governmental organizations provided support to people from vulnerable groups, shelter and food for animals, planted forests, and developed localities”, Lilu Ojovan said.


People can direct 2% of their income tax by filing tax returns physically or electronically. To do this, you need an electronic signature, which you can get from the Information Technology and Cyber Security Service, or a mobile signature, available from national mobile phone operators.

“Help us! Let’s support those who care for others! Direct 2% of your income tax. It’s 2% of your tax, which we pay anyway, but by directing it to NGOs we help people and areas that need the support of civil society,” says Andrei Porubin.

“It only takes a few minutes. Humanity is measured in good deeds and not in likes on social media,” Lilu Ojovan is convinced.

Moldovans can direct 2% of their income tax to the non-commercial organizations they want to support, starting in 2017. The procedure is cost-free. It is done with the submission of the income tax return and can be carried out by all taxpayers who do not have tax arrears.

According to reports published on the State Tax Service website, taxpayers donated 12.5 million lei to NGOs last year. Most of the donors were in Chisinau, with almost 10,500 people, directed over 6 million lei.

The beneficiary NGOs list includes environmental protection, human rights, education, charity, health, civil society, religious cults, animal protection, etc. The list can be found here: ttps://

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