“Moldova chooses Europe” campaign in Falesti. What do the city’s inhabitants think about integration into the big European family?

“We want to be there. Without the European Union, we lose integration!” or “I have a good opinion. I think we are moving towards the future, towards the better. Life is hard, and if not us, at least our children will make it.” These are the opinions of the residents of Falesti when asked what they think about Moldova’s integration into the big European family.

“From the point of view of economic and social development of the Republic of Moldova. It is an important step because we will have a lot of benefits, and we will be able to develop in many areas,” said a resident of Falesti.

Moldovans hope that after joining the EU, everyone will respect the laws and people will live better.


“I agree with the Europeans. My children and grandchildren will be fine,” said a resident of Falesti.

The Vox, carried out in the city of Falesti, is part of the campaign launched by the REALITATEA Press Group: “Moldova Chooses Europe,” where we go to cities across the country and talk to citizens about Moldova’s accession to the European Union.

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