Moldova has applied to join the Single Euro Payments Area. National Bank Governor Anсa Dragu signed the application

Republic of Moldova in the Single Euro Payments Area. The Governor of the National Bank, Anca Dragu signed the corresponding request.

“The accession of the Republic of Moldova to SEPA is an exercise of national importance and an essential country project in the context of Moldova’s accession to the European Union, being implemented with the support of the Twinning Project “Strengthening supervision, corporate governance, and risk management in the financial sector of the Republic of Moldova,” financed by the European Union,” the National Bank of Moldova informs.

The National Bank has announced that the initiative will enable cashless payments in euros to and from the European area. The aim is to provide safer, faster, and more convenient solutions for Moldovan citizens.


The Governor of the National Bank of Moldova, Anca Dragu, signed the membership application in the presence of the management of the licensed banks of the Republic of Moldova.

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