“Moldova is Europe”: Parliament approved the resolution adopted at the meeting “European Moldova”

European integration is declared a priority for Moldova. The Parliament approved the resolution adopted on May 21 at the “European Moldova” meeting.

The 54 deputies of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) and Gaik Vartanyan, which left the bloc of communists and socialists, and declared himself an independent deputy, voted for the approval of the resolution. The document approving the resolution states that the parliament fully supports the resolution adopted at the meeting. The text of the document and resolution was read from the rostrum by the vice-speaker of the parliament, PAS deputy Mihai Popshoi.

“European integration is in the interests of absolutely every citizen of Moldova. Regardless of our political views, when we visit European countries, we see a high standard of living there,” Popshoi concluded.

Communist MP Diana Karaman asked Popshoi why a referendum on the country’s foreign policy was not being held. Popshoi noted that in the current situation, a referendum is not needed.

Socialist MP Eduard Smirnov reminded Popsoi that other events were held over the past two years, in addition to the European Moldova meeting, which also adopted resolutions.

“There are different forms of democracy. Why do you focus on street democracy on the lowest level? Over the past two years, our country has been many events on the street. Why don’t you accept all declarations why only this one?”

Popshoi replied to this that street democracy is precisely the highest level of democracy.

The Parliament voted for the resolution of the European Moldova. Deputies of the “Shor” party, communists, and socialists left the hall before the voting.

On May 22, the participants of the National Assembly “European Moldova” unanimously adopted a resolution. The document, which consists of seven points, was read from the stage in the Great National Assembly Square in the capital.

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