Moldova promotes its wines and tourist attractions at the Global Soft Summit in London

The fifth Global Soft Summit 2024 took place in London on 28-29 February, this year focusing on the future of the global economy and identifying the best countries for investment, trade, talent and tourist attraction. The Republic of Moldova was represented at the event by Wine of Moldova through Castel Mimi. The event brought together around 300 participants from over 100 countries in the UK capital.

On the evening of 28 February, the representative of our country, Cristian Gafin, spoke to those present about the position of the Republic of Moldova on the world wine market, presented Castel Mimi wines and gathered the audience’s appreciation.

“People were impressed by the value that the wine of the Republic of Moldova brings. Many people were amazed that Moldova, being such a small country, occupies quite an important place in the world wine industry. Many participants told me that my presentation and the wines tasted made them want to visit Moldova”, says Wine of Moldova representative and Export Manager of Castel Mimi, Cristian Gafin.


In addition to presenting the country’s brand as a producer of quality wines, Moldova was also positioned as a tourist destination on the world map, worthy of a visit. The information available about our country provoked the curiosity of those present.

“They were impressed by the beauty of Castel Mimi, by the fact that a European summit was held there. More jokingly than seriously, the participants said that if the castle was good enough to host the European delegations, then surely it is at the highest level to host them too. They will surely tell their colleagues, friends, and family about Castel Mimi and recommend it as a good tourist location for visiting,” said Cristian Gafin.

The first evening of the summit finished with a reception with a tasting of exclusively Moldovan wines. The participants of the event were able to get acquainted with our wines produced by Castel Mimi, which they appreciated and enjoyed at the end of the day.

During the tasting, wine blends and wines produced from local grape varieties, such as Sanzienele, Rara Neagra Rose, and Rosu de Bulboaca, were presented. The wines from such grape varieties were tasted by European leaders who attended the European Political Community Summit held on 1 June 2023 at Castel Mimi.

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