Moldova was the first country to join the EU security partnership. Borrel explains what the agreement means

The Republic of Moldova joins the European Union’s security partnership. We are the first country to join the mechanism, and the authorities in Brussels announced their intention to create a network of states to jointly combat several security threats.

European diplomacy chief Josep Borrel told a press conference that the Russian Federation is still trying to destabilize Moldova. According to Josep Borrel, such actions are being carried out, including using local resources.

“The European Union must continue to show full solidarity with Moldova because you are part of the European family and because we see that Russia is actively trying to destabilize your country from outside, but also using local resources.


We are trying to counterbalance your energy security and sectoral cooperation. Moldova became the first country to sign a security partnership with the European Union. It is the first country, and there will probably be many more, to create a network of friends to help us build strong security partnerships, which includes growing cooperation in cyber security, countering hybrid threats, intelligence, threat capabilities, and other cooperation areas,” Borrel explained.

On Tuesday, several ministers, led by Dorin Recean, attended the Moldova-EU Association Council meeting in Brussels. They discussed our country’s accession to the community, regional security, energy, labor, social protection, and other relevant topics.

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