Moldovan wines were presented to China’s consumers

Nine native wine producers presented their products to the Chinese public, providing a wide range of wines.

According to the Agriculture and Food Industry Ministry (MAFI), it is about a far-reaching event in the wine-making sector, which is very much appreciated by the public from China.

“To promote the vine and wine heritage and to help wine exporters increase the export and the presence on the market, a governmental delegation of Moldova, led by Deputy Prime Minister, Agriculture, and Food Industry Minister Vladimir Bolea, participates in the event,” MAFI said.

The volume of trade between China and Moldova grew from as little as 70,000 dollars at the beginning of the establishment of diplomatic relations 31 years ago to 849 million dollars in 2021, witnessing a quick development. Thus, China became the fourth biggest trade partner of Moldova.

China is now one of the principal markets for exporting Moldovan wine. Wine is appreciated by Chinese consumers. The Chinese Embassy in Chisinau actively promotes the export of Moldovan wine, along with Chinese and Moldovan partners. Not so long ago, at an initiative and with the support of China’s Embassy in Moldova, live broadcasting of the promotion and sale of Moldovan wines took place on the Douyin platform, with good results.

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