Moldovans Opt for Air Travel: The Most Popular Flight Routes

Chisinau International Airport recorded in February a total traffic of 188,417 boarded and disembarked passengers and exceeded by 99.2% the forecasts set for this period, writes

Compared to February 2023, passenger traffic increased by an impressive 2.8%, reflecting a significant increase in interest in air travel during this period.

Thus, the largest increases in passenger flow were recorded on destinations:

  • Chisinau – Antalya with 3,077 passengers;
  • Chisinau – Dubai with 2,927 passengers;
  • Chisinau – Sharm el Sheikh with 3,424 passengers;
  • Chisinau – Istanbul with 2,228 passengers.

In addition, new destinations introduced in February contributed significantly to this record, carrying 8,835 passengers, representing 4.7% of total traffic. New destinations include Dubai, Athens, Munich, Mattala, and Zanzibar.


On the cargo segment, figures for February 2024 showed a total of around 240.7 tonnes, up 13.8% on the same period last year.

These remarkable results demonstrate the continuation of Chisinau International Airport’s upward trend and confirm its efforts to serve as a gateway for travelers and goods to and from the region and beyond.

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