National Bank Governor: Moldova needs a private pension system

Anca Dragu, governor of the National Bank of Moldova (NBM), believes our country needs a private pension system. Besides, Dragu said that access to finance must improve, and Moldovan citizens have alternatives for financing and savings, reported.

Anca Dragu emphasized the importance of international and regional cooperation to improve access to capital markets and financial innovations.

The NBM governor said this at an international conference on regional and global finance organized by the Bank of Slovenia and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the Slovenian city of Portoroz, the NBM press service reported.


The conference, attended by high-ranking IMF officials and heads of central banks of Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe (CESEE) countries, discussed the current state of financial systems and strengthened their contribution to economic development.

The meeting also highlighted the key role of the financial sector in supporting the economies of Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe. Despite notable progress, business and investment financing in these countries remains more moderate compared to other EU countries and the US. The potential of the capital market is underutilized, and participants emphasized the need to develop and diversify it through increased cooperation and exchange of experiences and best practices among countries in the region.

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