New parties have appeared on the Moldovan political scene: what is known about them?

New parties have appeared in the political arena of Moldova. The first one was created at the end of December 2023, the other at the beginning of January. We are talking about the political formations “Victorie” and “Unity”. Thus, the number of parties registered in Moldova reached 80.

According to the State Services Agency, the Victorie party was registered on December 28, 2023. The chairman of the formation is Vadim Grozavu. The party has a total of 1331 members.

“The political party “Victorie” is based on the fundamental principles of transparency, legality, justice, a guarantee of legal security, on patriotic positions. We are a pro-Moldavian formation aimed at the interests of citizens. We believe that the development of the state requires a clear vision of its future, without being influenced by geopolitical views and interests,” the political program of the formation says.


The political party “Unity” was registered on January 5, 2024. The chairman of the formation is Dmitrii Furdui. There are 1199 members in the formation.

“The ultimate goal of the party is to build a society of freedom and law. Moldova’s political elite has turned into a caste. Over the last decade, the failed authorities have taken over the state, and the current leadership has established a dictatorship in the country, attacking fundamental human rights and freedoms. We will abolish the dictatorship and bring to justice those responsible for crimes against democracy,” the party said.

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