Nicolae Ciuca, at the meeting with PNL Moldova members: We have crossed and will cross the Prut whenever we need to!

Representatives of the National Liberal Party (PNL) are increasingly crossing the Prut River to forge closer bonds with their compatriots. Strengthening connections between the two banks of the Prut within the same party was highlighted as a key objective during a meeting with members of the PNL Diaspora Republic of Moldova, stated Nicolae Ciuca, leader of PNL and President of the Romanian Senate, at an event held in Chisinau.

Ciuca emphasized the importance of Moldova and Romania continuing on their shared path towards European integration for the well-being of their citizens. He underscored the tangible benefits of EU integration, citing examples such as Romania’s significantly higher minimum wage and pension compared to Moldova. He noted the increasing recognition among Moldovan citizens of these benefits, particularly in this crucial election year for both countries.

Regarding the threat of extremism, Ciuca stressed the need to counter empty promises that breed chaos and division. He reaffirmed Romania’s unwavering support for Moldova and commended Adrian Dupu, Chairman of PNL Diaspora Republic of Moldova, for promoting liberal values across the Prut River.


In turn, Adrian Dupu emphasized the significance of 2024 for both Romania and Moldova, highlighting the forthcoming elections and the historical significance they hold for the common future of both nations. He stressed the Liberals’ duty to defend democracy against external pressures, including hybrid warfare and extremism.

Dupu reiterated the commitment of the PNL Diaspora Republic of Moldova to maintain the National Liberal Party’s leading position in Moldovan elections this year. He emphasized their ongoing support for Moldova’s European path as a historical mission.

MEP Rares Bogdan, also in attendance, emphasized the importance of the left bank of the Prut River and expressed support for Moldova’s European aspirations. He highlighted the challenges faced by Moldova on its path towards EU candidacy, and expressed hope for Moldova’s eventual accession to the European Union, emphasizing Europe’s need for Moldova and the potential for reunification with Romania within the EU.

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