(PHOTO) Maia Sandu was awarded a prize in Germany: what does the president intend to spend the money on?

Maia Sandu has been awarded the Robert Blum Prize for Democracy in Germany. Robert Blum Prize for Democracy. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier hosted the award ceremony in Leipzig. The committee accompanies the award with 25 thousand euros. Maia Sandu will donate this amount to charity.

“This award is not only a recognition of my efforts, but also a proof of the resilience and determination of Moldovan citizens on the path to democracy,” the press service quoted the head of state as saying.

Every two years, the committee awards the Robert Blum Prize for Democracy to individuals who have distinguished themselves in promoting human rights and democracy. Robert Blum is a German politician of the XIX century who fought for the country, justice, and freedom unification.


On May 17-18, President Maia Sandu paid a working visit to Germany.

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