Prime Minister Dorin Recean at talks with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken: “Moldova and the United States cooperate to ensure peace and prosperity for citizens”

Prime Minister Dorin Recean and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited the Braila power station, one of the sites designated for installing large-scale battery energy storage systems. The $85 million investment, announced yesterday by the U.S. official, is part of the $300 million U.S. support package for Moldova’s energy sector, announced in 2023, as reported by the government’s communication department.

The official acknowledged the consistent support provided by the American side, highlighting that they allocated a similar amount last year to assist the government in Chisinau in compensating citizens’ energy consumption bills. According to the Prime Minister, U.S. aid extends beyond the energy sector, encompassing areas such as economic growth, justice reform, anti-corruption efforts, the agri-food sector, and enhancing the resilience of state institutions.

“The Republic of Moldova and the United States are collaborating to address citizens’ fundamental needs – peace and well-being. We will persist in implementing vital reforms to ensure a prosperous and secure future for our citizens and to advance our country’s integration into the European Union, with U.S. support remaining pivotal in achieving these ambitious objectives,” stated Recean.


Blinken reiterated the strong commitment of the United States to assist Moldova in developing a more resilient, efficient, and sustainable energy sector. “Ongoing U.S. assistance will bolster the efforts of the authorities in Chisinau to continue reform endeavors. We will aid the Republic of Moldova in building a democratic, prosperous, and sovereign future,” he affirmed.

Thanks to the U.S. investment, the necessary equipment will be procured and installed to reinforce the national energy grid and facilitate increased electricity trade with Romania, Ukraine, and the European market. The new large-scale Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and additional equipment will enhance the reliability of Moldova’s electricity grids and facilitate effective management of energy reserves and demand fluctuations and integration of renewable energy sources.

The United States has provided our country $2.5 billion in support since 1992. Since the onset of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the United States has extended $774 million in financial assistance to Moldova, with $300 million allocated to address the energy crisis and enhance energy security.

These funds have utilized $80 million to offset natural gas and electricity bills for low-income citizens, $135 million for boosting domestic electricity generation, and constructing a 400kV high-voltage line connecting Moldova’s Strasheni power station with Romania’s Gutinash power station. This connection links Moldova to Romania’s electricity grid and facilitates integration into the European energy network.

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