Radu Marian suggests that the airport requires serious companies. It is important to remember that we are currently in a hybrid war

Serious companies are needed at the airport, not like the one in Habarovsk. Radu Marian, a member of the Action and Solidarity Party, asserts that the criteria for selecting the company to manage the commercial spaces at Chisinau International Airport have become more stringent.

“We need people, a serious company at the airport not like the ones in Habarovsk. The demands have increased. A notice inviting tenders was issued with slightly more complex conditions to attract serious investors. It is important to avoid any association with shell companies linked to these criminal groups. We must be aware of criminal groups with affiliated companies and significant financial resources that are attempting to interfere in our country, including taking over certain targets. During an auction, it is important to set high standards. However, this does not imply any dirt,” Radu Marian told RliveTV’s “Rezoomat with Ileana Pîrgaru”.

When asked if the conditions were too strict for the selection process, the MP replied that the government is seeking a serious investor.

“Higher conditions than in the past. Do we want to risk companies being created overnight to bid again? We do not want that.” The Member of Parliament added: “I have no concrete data or indications that the tender would have been different”.


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