Recean invites Google to Moldova. “It will create a favorable environment for advanced technologies in our country”

Prime Minister Dorin Recean proposes to Google to open a representative office in the Republic of Moldova. According to him, cooperation with such a giant will have a significant positive impact on the Moldovan economy.

On Monday, June 26, the head of government visited the Google headquarters in Zurich. He noted that this is the largest representative office in Europe, which employs more than 5,000 employees, including Moldovan citizens.

“We discussed the company’s initiatives that can contribute to developing digital infrastructure, expanding connectivity, and increasing digital literacy in our country. I stressed the importance of building quality higher education institutions like UTM with a focus on research and development. This will create a favorable environment for innovation and advanced technologies in our country,” says Rechan.

The Prime Minister also spoke about investment opportunities in research and innovation, which will contribute to the development of start-ups and the technology industry in the Republic of Moldova.

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