Romania’s Ambassador to Chisinau: “The Romanian business in the Republic of Moldova arrival rate is increasing”

Romania’s Ambassador to Chisinau, Cristian-Leon Turcanu, in an interview with NordNews, discussed Romanian projects that are transforming the region and improving the lives of its inhabitants through access to drinking water and sewage systems, marking a significant step towards European standards of living, how cooperation between Romania and Moldova is shaping a prosperous future for the region.

Cristian-Leon Turcanu pointed out that there is a bilateral agreement between Romania and the Republic of Moldova concerning assistance worth 100 million euros, and from this fund, various projects are financed, submitted from the Republic of Moldova: some of them are included in the “European Village,” some unincluded in this program. 

After careful project study in Chisinau and Bucharest, they allocate the funding. They analyze the impact on the communities where they implement the projects and allocate funding gradually in different tranches, depending on the pace of project approval.

“The dynamic is positive. It’s growing, which I wish there would be more of, for example, more investors from Romania coming here to do business and to create jobs. The Romanian business in the Republic of Moldova arrival rate is also increasing. If we look, for example, at the evolution of the Association of Romanian Investors in the Republic of Moldova, an association that brings together investors, the number of members of this association is increasing. I am glad, for example, that recently, just last week, if I am not mistaken, Romgaz opened a branch in Chisinau. So, there are more and more companies from Romania coming to be present here. It is a very, very good thing. 

At the same time, we see an initial increase in exports from Moldova to the entire European Union. However, a closer look reveals that Romania is the main destination. It means that quality products from Moldova are appearing on the shelves of Romanian shops, which brings me great joy.”

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