Russian President Vladimir Putin is banned from visiting Moldova: Moscow’s reaction

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been banned from entering Moldova. This was stated by Prime Minister Dorin Recean.

“The Russian Federation cannot tell us what we should do. Moldova is an independent, sovereign country, and anyone who does not respect the choice of the people or a particular citizen should not cross the borders of the state”, said Recean.

According to him, there is a certain list of Russian officials who are prohibited from entering the territory of our country. But at the moment, this list cannot be made public.

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev commented on Dorin Recean’s statement about the ban on entry into Moldova to Vladimir Putin.

“A mysterious creature, named Rechan said that neither the President of Russia nor Russian officials would be able to enter his country – Moldova. Well, firstly, no one is going there now. Maybe sometime later. And secondly, there is no such country anymore. Local chiefs sold it to Romania, becoming traitors to their homeland. And there is no point in talking to them about anything. Let people deal with them. And finally, will decide who they are – Moldovans or Romanians”, said Medvedev.

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