Sandu: “Putin will not stop until he will be stopped. It is in Moldova’s interest for Ukraine to win the war with Russia”

Maia Sandu, President of the Republic of Moldova, said in an interview for that “Putin will not stop until he is stopped and that it is in Moldova’s interest for Ukraine to win the war with Russia” and that the number of Moldovan citizens leaving the Russian Federation to work in European countries is increasing.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu is convinced that prices will rise and that Moldova will only have to bear higher costs.

“Everyone must understand that Putin will not stop if he is not stopped, and if Putin is not stopped, the costs will be much higher for everyone. Of course, Ukraine is making the ultimate sacrifice. But yes, if the Kremlin is not stopped, we will all bear much greater costs. And it’s in everyone’s interest, not only in Ukraine’s interest and in Moldova’s interest, that Ukraine wins this war, is helped,” Maia Sandu said in the interview.


Maia Sandu also supports and will continue to support Ukraine to help it in its war with Russia.

“Now I also count and believe in the unity of the democratic world, and I hope that Ukraine will continue to get all the support it needs, and we are grateful for all the help it has received so far from many countries. The Republic of Moldova is trying to help in any way it can, including training engineers from Ukraine, providing support, of course, to a large number of refugees who have chosen to stay in the Republic of Moldova, providing humanitarian support, and promoting the cause of Ukraine’s victory in the world. Because every chance I get, I talk about the need to support Ukraine,” said Maia Sandu.

The Moldovan President also referred to Moldovan citizens returning from the Russian Federation or applying to regain Moldovan citizenship.

“We know that many Moldovan citizens are leaving the Russian Federation to work in European countries, and this number is growing,” Maia Sandu concluded.

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