Sergiu Suvac – the young man who with the support of European financial aid realized his dream of producing artisanal wines

Sergiu Suvac is a young winemaker from the district of Causeni who has a vineyard in his native town of Tanatari and owns the brand “Suvac Vinery.” The entrepreneur produces wines from Viorica, Feteasca Alba, and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties.

Since childhood, he has wanted to become a winemaker, when he helped his father make wine under home conditions. In 2023, the man applied to the government’s “Start for Youth Program” and obtained non-reimbursable funding from the state.

“For me, ODA was like a boost. By applying to the “Start for Youth Program,” I got a grant 200 000 lei, with which I bought six pots for fermenting and storing wine and six wooden barrels for maturing wine. We developed the design and logo of the company and purchased a pump, a filter, and a hose. All this helps us to produce wine at a more efficient level, to have more advanced technologies, to have a more qualitative, competitive product, and to be able to sell it at a better price,” the entrepreneur said.


The young entrepreneur believes government programs enable his fellow citizens to develop businesses in the Republic of Moldova and create new jobs in their local communities.

“These programs support entrepreneurs in the Republic of Moldova, especially the “Start for Youth Program.” We can stay home and make our dreams come true. It is possible to work and live in the motherland. We thank the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the European Union, and the ODA team for supporting entrepreneurs in the Republic of Moldova, especially young people and the diaspora, for the grant programs they have to contribute to the local entrepreneurship development. The Republic of Moldova is a beautiful country with great possibilities, which I am proud of, and it deserves to stay home and develop because we have supporters. We have to do it”, Sergiu Suvac said with confidence.

Visit this LINK to learn more about the entrepreneurial support programs and tools managed by ODA.

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