Spinu: German-French company may manage Chisinau International Airport

A German-French company may manage the Chisinau International Airport. This was announced by the Minister of Infrastructure Andrei Spinu in the program “Puncte de Reflecție” on Vocea Basarabiei.

The Minister of Infrastructure specified that the project requires about six billion lei, which the state does not have.

In his opinion, one of the fundamental mistakes is that the airport management responsibilities were not distributed. In his opinion, it is necessary to take into account the financing, construction, and attraction of airlines.


“The airport will be developed. I hope with the help of companies with international experience. I have visited some of the best ones in France and Germany. I would be happy to know that I can attract a German-French consortium to manage the Chisinau airport. (…) We are under pressure to reduce airport charges. If we do this, we will lose income that could be invested. (…) We invest this money in roads. There is no six billion lei in the state budget to invest in the airport. We have to find an alternative,” the minister said.

In March 2023, the authorities announced the completion of the procedure of returning the airport from the concessionaire company Avia Invest to the state ownership. The judgment was handed down in November 2022 by the Chisinau Court of Appeal and then upheld by the Supreme Court of Justice.

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