Suffered losses due to the drought. The government allocates 50 million euros to farmers in the Edinet district

The government is allocating 50 million euros to farmers in the Edinet district. The money from the State Intervention Fund will be provided to farmers who suffered from last year’s drought, hail, or hurricane on July 25, 2023.

Farmers who suffered weather-related damage lost their corn crop, or had their greenhouses, irrigation systems, or orchards destroyed by bad weather can apply for payments.

“Assistance is provided if, according to the assessment, the drought has affected 60% or more of the maize crop or the elements have destroyed the main means of production that cannot be restored (orchards, plantation support systems, irrigation systems, protection networks, energy network, greenhouse modules, sheltering material),” reads the approved government decree.

The aid will be calculated and provided through the Agency for Interventions and Payments in Agriculture (AIPA). The application and the package of requested documents will be submitted within ten days from the publication of the government decision, while applicants must have a bank account in lei, a document confirming the incurred damage, and other documents requested by the authorities.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in 2023, more than 1,400 documents confirming the damage caused to farmers by natural disasters were registered.

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